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Being Vegetarian in the UK

Being Vegetarian in the UK, the hardship and revelry of going veggie in London.

London Museums

Museum Round-up! An overview of the different museums within the UK.

Welcome to London!

Welcome to London! My very first post from across the pond.

London’s Borough Market

Despite hating the word “foodie” and people who refer to themselves as one, I think I found the most god-tier market of them all. Packed to the gills, London’s Borough Market is chock full of vendors, food carts, home-made cider peddlers, and all sorts of libations. If you’re looking for some authentic mom and pop…

English Slang You Need to Know Before Going

Interested in English Slang? I have a story about that. I went to London pretty well-versed in English culture—or so I thought. The moment I got there, I suffered the worst embarrassment, asking where the ATM was. The man scratched his head, I tried to explain that it’s the machine you get money out of;…