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Welcome to London!

Hello, my name is Shanna! I am staying in England for the next six weeks, and this is a copy of my personal journal about my London travels!

I just got to my hostel, which is quite nice for the price, and a great location. I’m located right near Kensington in a rather posh neighborhood with lots of little cobble sidewalks and small cafes sporadically located around the area. My hotel  looks like a pretty nice, compared to what hostels I’ve seen on the internet, so let’s hope it’s good!


It’s rained nearly the entire time I’ve been here, which isn’t really surprising, but I’m still really excited to be here! A little about me, I’m 22, I am vegetarian, I just went back to school after doing hair since I was 19, and I love to eat!

Today I flew in from British Airways, and survived! At least they made me my own special vegetarian meal, which was actually, really delicious!

I caught up on all the newest movies I haven’t seen and slung back a few cocktails to ease the boredom. The worst part was standing in line waiting to get my passport checked before entering the country.

That was the worst; I had just landed and just wanted to get out of the freaking airport, but had to sit there, while all the EU citizens breezed through their lines. Ah well, I’m here and that’s all that really matters! I just hope that I won’t feel groggy for the next week, that’s totally going to throw off my groove.

I had to run to the store for a few things immediately though. The humidity today is killing me; I went to Boots, a local drugstore and bought a straightener to tame this mess. I am thinking it might be a good idea to get a vehicle to drive around. is a great place that will take care of any car issues.

The plug has three prongs and looks crazy, it’s huge! You can’t really use an American straightener here with a voltage converter because it will likely fry it, as I’ve heard, so I just shelled out the money I found one for like ten pound, which isn’t murder, but buy does that thing sizzle.

I also bought a crappy pay-as-you go beater phone just in case I need to get a hold of anyone.

Tonight I’m going to the local pub that’s just a few hundred feet away from my temporary home, that is, if I make it till then. I am beyond tired, but I must stay up so I don’t get wrecked for the next week because of jet lag.

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