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English Slang You Need to Know Before Going

Interested in English Slang? I have a story about that.

I went to London pretty well-versed in English culture—or so I thought. The moment I got there, I suffered the worst embarrassment, asking where the ATM was. The man scratched his head, I tried to explain that it’s the machine you get money out of; oh, cringe. Besides that, I forgot that not everyone here speaks English as their first language, just like in America, only here it was largely French and Eastern European Dialects.


Here are some useful, and downright offensive terms you should get to know if you’re heading overseas!

  1. ATM: Cash Machine
  2. Creamed Crackered: Tired
  3. Quid: Slang for Money/Dollars
  4. Bell me: Call me
  5. Knackered: Tired
  6. Pissed: Drunk
  7. Fanny: Female genitalia
  8. Get Stuffed: Pretty much the F.U.
  9. Bin: Trash, Garbage
  10. Loo/Toilet : Bathroom
  11. Berk : idiot, also a less harsh way of calling someone the “C” word
  12. Prat : ass (adjective)
  13. Trollop: unflattering name for a woman, might refer as prostitute
  14. Nutter: Crazy person

English slang can certainly help you grow a bit more accustom to some of the differences in culture. Just make sure you only use it where appropriate, it’s not exactly the most welcoming type of language.

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