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borough market

London’s Borough Market

Despite hating the word “foodie” and people who refer to themselves as one, I think I found the most god-tier market of them all. Packed to the gills, London’s Borough Market is chock full of vendors, food carts, home-made cider peddlers, and all sorts of libations. If you’re looking for some authentic mom and pop spices in glass viles, you’d be able to find it here. Although it’s rather touristy, it’s still fun and authentic.

Here’s a video of the tunnel leading from Borough out to the river Thames, and you can see some of the lovely buildings, my face, my friend’s face, plus some street music.

The day’s plundering included: quinoa veggie burgers, sangria spritzers, homemade cider, sorbet, and little cakes. Although, I was very tempted to purchase some of the oddball spices, I didn’t really feel like shelling out the cash. This is a great place to spend a Sunday, also, its right by a lot of the museums and attractions which you can’t afford to miss. If you didn’t already know, pretty much all the major museums in London are FREE!

borough market

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