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Amusement Park in London is a Twisted Disneyland

A new amusement park, also being called a bemusement park, is a creepy spin on what many call the happiest place on Earth, also known as Disneyland. Dismaland is a new art exhibit in south-west England that displays some interesting and terrifying art from famous artist Banksy. The new park is very dark and even…

The Charm of Camden Town

Located in London sits a beautiful inner city district known as Camden Town. The town is full of retail shows, entertainment and a number of things for tourists to enjoy. It is known for its markets, music venues and culture. One of the biggest music venues is The Electric Ballroom. It is mostly known to…

Finding a Good Hostel

Planning a trip out of college? Trying to get away for a couple weeks? Can’t afford that villa in Rome? Most people who travel to Europe for the first time are traveling to multiple different cities and they can’t afford to stay in a hotel. Whether you are on your own or traveling in a…

Leaving London

Last day in London, taking in the view and having a glass of champagne!

Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner

A Rhetorical Battle Ground at Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner. Religious fanatics are evidently everywhere.