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Camden Town

The Charm of Camden Town

Located in London sits a beautiful inner city district known as Camden Town. The town is full of retail shows, entertainment and a number of things for tourists to enjoy. It is known for its markets, music venues and culture.

One of the biggest music venues is The Electric Ballroom. It is mostly known to have rock bands perform there. The Electric Ballroom has been in business for over 70 years. There are two stories and the top floor has two dance floors and four bars. The bottom floor is where the stage is located. On the weekends, you can catch different type of music playing at the venue. On Fridays, the club Sin City plays rock and alternative music. On Saturday nights, you can catch pop and dance music all the way back from the 1970s to present day. They also play modern hip-hop. There is also an indoor market that is a favorite among tourists. The market has over fifty vendors selling things like clothes, accessories, music-related items and more.

The best part of Camden Town is all of the markets. The vendors by the famous Camden Lock are often known as Camden Market. There are thousands of products being sole like crafts, accessories, clothes and even fast food. It happens to be the 4th most popular attraction in London. Every weekend, the markets see about 100,000 people.

London is always fun to visit, but if you are looking for a place with more of an alternative culture, head down the road to the beautiful city of Camden Town.



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