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Leaving London

So the end is nigh, I’m so sad that I have to be leaving London, I’m finally starting to feel like I “live” here, I can take the tube and not get lost, I even give people directions! It’s going to be really weird to go back home, I’ll have to reteach myself to look the opposite opposite ways when I cross the streets, because I’m finally used to cars driving on the other side!

Things here just make sense though, besides that whole other side of the road thing. I’m gonna miss the hackney carriages taking our drunk asses home and all the people which we met.

Some of my favorite parts of England were the museums, the nightlife, Stonehenge, English cider, rain, and the multi-faceted culture which continues to surprise me. I love Adventure Bar, Builder’s Arms the local pub, the historical features of England, English tea, the amazingly vegan London, and British accents!

On our last day we went on the London Eye finally, and got served champagne like true classy broads.

london eye champagne

Champagne with the Brits.

We got some great views of the city, and felt really nostalgic already. I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow.

London Eye

The great London horizon.

of course I had to grab some more cupcakes from the shop in Brixton!

Vegan Cupcake London

Mrs. Cupcake in Brixton

Our local pub knows what’s up…

english pub

English people love dessert

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