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Best Winter Vacation Destinations

Sometimes we want to escape the cold, sometimes, we want to go straight to it! Depending on what your home climate is, you may want to escape to a warmer destination, or to a colder destination this winter. Here are some of the best destinations for winter in the United States that all have something…

Engagements and Battlefield Colorado

Battlefield Colorado I love Colorado – the place is absolutely gorgeous. I’m still reeling from my time spent at the Red Rocks venue, it was like seeing one of my favorite artists inside of a painting. Now unfortunately I arrived a little too late and with too little time to do any snowboarding out here….

16th St. Mall & Red Rocks — Denver, CO

After a few weeks of working my tail off, I’ve finally gotten the chance to take a much needed vacation! For this trip, I thought I would cool off in one of my favorite places in the US: Denver, CO. My good friend and sorority sister Danielle has been living in Denver for a couple of…