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Ellie Goulding at Red Rocks

16th St. Mall & Red Rocks — Denver, CO

Ellie Goulding at Red Rocks

After a few weeks of working my tail off, I’ve finally gotten the chance to take a much needed vacation! For this trip, I thought I would cool off in one of my favorite places in the US: Denver, CO. My good friend and sorority sister Danielle has been living in Denver for a couple of years now, and I knew that hanging out with her would be an absolute blast!

I arrived early this morning and took a cab to Danielle’s place just outside of the Downtown Denver area. After I dropped off my bags she took me to the one place she knew I’d love to see first: The 16th Street Mall. Duh! Of course one of my besties knew I had to go shopping almost immediately after landing.

The 16th Street Mall is a strip of 16 blocks right in the heart of Downtown Denver. They have a free shuttle service that stops at pretty much every intersection to give shoppers a lift to some of Denver’s best shops and restaurants — there are over forty cafes!

While we were taking a break from our shopping spree and eating a quick lunch, Danielle started telling me about a surprise she had in store. I couldn’t wait to hear what it was, so I told her that I would buy her lunch if she told me early. Of course she didn’t budge. Danielle was known in our sorority as one of the best secret keepers!

We decided to head shortly after lunch and relax. Danielle said I was going to need my rest for what was to come that night. I couldn’t stand waiting any longer (and I really hate surprises) so I finally got it out of her… Danielle bought us two tickets to the Ellie Goulding show at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre!!! I couldn’t believe it. Not only is Ellie Goulding my all-time favorite singer/songwriter, but I’ve been dying to see a show at Red Rocks since I started as a flight attendant.

Once she told me that was the plan I knew I wasn’t going to sleep! Thank goodness we went shopping earlier because I just so happened to pick out a PERFECT outfit for tonight’s show. I just cannot WAIT to go! Red Rocks has to be one of the most picturesque venues in the whole world and Ellie Goulding is just to die for!

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