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el conquistador resort in puerto rico

Best Winter Vacation Destinations

Sometimes we want to escape the cold, sometimes, we want to go straight to it! Depending on what your home climate is, you may want to escape to a warmer destination, or to a colder destination this winter. Here are some of the best destinations for winter in the United States that all have something to offer anyone who visits.

el conquistador resort in puerto rico

Photo courtesy of El Conquistador Resort

  1. Puerto Rico:Puerto Rico is the ideal tropical vacation without ever having to leave the States. With temperatures in the 80’s, you can forget that foot of snow piling up on your car at home. Puerto Rico is filled with all-inclusive resorts that offer kayaking tours, diving lessons, rainforest tours, and more. One of the best on the island is El Conquistador Resort. Since becoming a US territory, more Americans have vacationed in Puerto Rico to soak up all they have to offer. Whether you want to be spending your days doing ocean activities, or exploring the island, Puerto Rico has something for you. 

    aspen colorado mountains

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  2. Aspen, Colorado:Aspen has been a winter destination since its settlement. Aspen has a little bit of everything for everyone: excellent skiing, fine dining, high-end shopping, and stellar culture. Even the celebrities head to Aspen for a winter adventure.The scenery is that of winter dreams. The Rockies provide a backdrop and environment that makes you feel like you are inside a Christmas card. If skiing is not your thing, you can still enjoy the scenery, shopping, dining, and culture of Aspen. Everyone should spend a winter vacation in Aspen at least once in their lifetime. 

    tellluride ski resort

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  3. Telluride, Colorado: Colorado just has that ski culture and slopes you can’t beat.Telluride is no different. With slopes rivaling the greatest of ski resorts, Telluride offers a more rowdy, less expensive way to visit a ski resort. Many speculate Telluride is a shortened way of saying “to Hell you ride,” and that mindset is reflected in the atmosphere. The slopes are killer, the people are wild, and the vibe is unbeatable. Telluride also has many shuttle options that allows you to bus to the slopes for way less than other travel costs. Head to Telluride if you’re looking for an adventurous ski trip. 

    key west marina in florida

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  4. Key West, Florida: Key West is another great, tropical location. During the winter, Key West experiences weather in the high 70’s to mid 80’s. Like the rest of the year, the winter does see its fair share of rain showers. Nonetheless, Key West still provides an amazing opportunity for kayaking, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and more, as the water temperatures remain in the warm 80’s. Besides the weather, Key West has a unique culture due to the blend of islands surrounding it. Head to Key West if you’re looking for a unique island adventure without leaving the US. 

    view of kauai hawaii

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  5. Kauai, Hawaii: This is your perfect destination if you want to escape city-goers who are constantly hustling around trying to get their holiday shopping done. Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, and it has the relaxing atmosphere to match. With only two major highways and countless acres of scenery to explore by foot, Kauai is the perfect place to ignore the busy world and unwind. The tropical weather is an added bonus while hiking, kayaking, dining, or shopping on the beautiful island.

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