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Budget Travel Blog L&T Explores Honolulu

So this is my contribution to the budget travel blog L&T. I fell in love with Hawaii a long time ago and jumped at the chance to cover it. Much has changed in my time since my first visit, I've since had friends move there and family move away. One thing is always constant though:…

Hawaii Rain!

After my trip to Hilo, I found it pretty amazing how we hardly get ANY rain here in Kona. The entire time I was in Hilo it was practically raining. The entire time I’ve been in Kona it’s been sunny. We get the occasional rain clouds over head with a few drops here and there…

Different Taste of the City: Chicago- evilOlive

Chicago nightclub evilOlive offers up some of the freshest DJs in the EDM scene, chicken, and porn.

Hilo Hitchhiking

This weekend, for my time off, I decided to venture alone to the other side of the island. Kris explained to me that the only way to get there using public transportation was to get on a bus that left Kona around 5:45 in the morning. Since I was still technically here on vacation and…

Eating Cheap: Lisbon

For years I have documented the best budget restaurants from the various cities I visit. This week we take a look at the culinary capital of the world, Lisbon