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Best Way to Replace Your Motorcycle Tires


Selecting reasonably priced motorcycle parts on Bike Bandit is the easy part. Finding tires for your motorcycle doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Tires wear and tear over the years and we’re here with the best parts on the web. Unfortunately, tires don’t pop on your bike all by themselves. Figuring out how to put your new treads on can be frustrating, but not if you follow this simple guide.

A trip to the bike shop will cost you a pretty penny, instead buy the tools yourself and learn to do your own repairs. Some good tools to have on hand are:

  • A tire stand
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • 3 tire irons
  • Air compressor
  • Valve core remover
  • 12mm ratcheting wrench
  • Bead buddy

These tools will make it easier to take your old motorcycle tires off and replace them with fresh ones. Begin by lifting your front tire up with a tire stand, next remove cables and unscrew nuts and bolts. Maneuver the tire to face horizontally, the rotor should be parallel to the ground. Take off the valve core and stem nut. Make sure the air has been thoroughly drained from any tubing.

To dismantle the treads from your bike tires you will employ the help of tire irons. Pry away tread until the lip is above the rim. Do the same to the other side of your tire, making sure the rim is exposed.

When the tire is removed, take out the tube and check the tire for any cracked or damaged parts. Once everything’s okay, replace the valve core.

Ready to install your new tire? Simply follow the arrows and inflate the tubes. Use your tire iron to slip the wheel into place.


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