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Houston How I’ve Missed You

The Flying SAucerWhile the first day of my trip back to Houston was dedicated to visiting my parents. My second day back has been all about the girls! My old roommate and best friend Miranda is also in town interviewing for a new job in pharmaceutical sales. Who knew that the wild party girl back in college would become so successful in this industry. Well, apparently she nailed the initial interview so you know we had to paint the town red.  Our first stop was bar that opened up right after I graduated from college, The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.

Flying Saucer has two of my favorite things in the world, elevated bar food and some killer cocktails. They also have an incredible selection of draft beers for the first drink of the night! We started off with some GoldTop ciders which come from Austin. I haven’t had a gold top in a while and I spiced it up with a shot of Fireball. Miranda had never tried one but in California they call that a sexy cider. Be careful with those because they have so much sugar you are going to have a nasty hangover in the morning!

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For food I indulged a little bit when we ordered my favorite Korean Meatballs which are just like regular italian meatballs with a kimchi and soy sauce. At first we just got one to share but as the night continued on I just had to snag another one! After filling up with meatballs we took a cab over to the 3rd floor.

The 3rd floor is an awesome cocktail bar with a tapas type menu to nibble on while you’re getting your drink on. I snagged a cucumber martini and we ordered to unbelievable scrumptious Ahi Tuna Nachos. The 3rd floor was a little to busy for my liking so we finished the night at Double Trouble on Miranda’s recommendation.

It’s this fun little bar that does both coffee and cocktails. I got the incredibly decadent spiked chocolate milk which is exactly what it sounds like! Kahlua and chocolate milk were the best night cap I could ask for! This morning I was hurting, mostly from all the food! I definitely went on a nice long run.

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