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Relaxing in San Antonio

Back here in San Antonio and, after such a disaster of a train ride I had earlier, I’ve decided to have some time to myself and just relax. The first thing I knew I had to do was grab a Bloody Mary at a riverwalk breakfast bar and watch the San Antonio news (I always like catching…

Houston Weather

While I’ve been home enjoying my time with my family and friends, I’ve especially been enjoying this awesome Houston weather. Every time I come home I’m always reminded what awesome weather we get out here. Some people might say it’s too humid during the summer, but I think those people just need to get used…

Cheap Eats Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas, the ninth-largest city in America and the third-largest city in the state, is quickly becoming one of the more “hip” areas in Texas, rivaling its neighbor to the south, Austin. With tons of different thing to do around the city, tourists find themselves rather hungry after a long day of sightseeing and shopping….