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Best Restaurants in Sochi Russia: Nippon House

In the center of the Adler District at 26 Kirov Street, the Nippon House offers guests some of the best Japanese food found in Sochi including sushi, rolls, sashimi, yakitori, soups, salads, and desserts.

Best Restaurants in Sochi: Café Natasha

By far one of the top picks for locals in Sochi, Café Natasha is home of the Georgian pastry called “khachapuri” which is what Americans would call cheese bread – but with a whole lot more!

Best Restaurants in Sochi Russia

When the time comes to take a quick break from your exciting times at the Olympic games, refer back to this list for some of the best places to eat in Sochi

Manoa Oahu

So it’s been a pretty incredible week so far. I’ve been staying with my friend who lives in Manoa and attends the University of Hawaii (about a 7 minute walk away from his house). I decided to tag along for most of the days he had class. The campus is incredible. Way different from the…

Must-Have German Desserts

Some of the best pastries in the world are German desserts, from rich chocolatey black forrest cake to delicate cream puffs–dieters beware! 1. Donauwellen. Layered vanilla and chocolate cake, this dessert brings these two batters into one pan, complemented by sour cherries and vanilla cream between the two. The waviness of the chocolate and vanilla is supposed to…