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Cafe Natasha

Best Restaurants in Sochi: Café Natasha

Café Natasha

By far one of the top picks for locals in Sochi, Café Natasha is home of the Georgian pastry called “khachapuri” which is what Americans would call cheese bread – but with a whole lot more! Khachapuri is a giant pastry filled with melted cheese and a poached egg (depending on how you order it). If you’re looking for some incredible local treats, the Khachapuri at Café Natasha will be your first and last stop.

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If it’s even more local dishes you’re after, Café Natasha’s menu is chalk-full of tasty treats. Kharcho, a rice dish including lamb or beef is a fine choice, along with a multitude of finger foods like chicken wings, onion rings, grilled sausages, and shrimp.

Café Natasha is also home to a menu of fantastic deserts including an assortment of mousse, ice cream, and cake.

One thing visitors will definitely want to keep in mind is that Café Natasha is an extremely homey type of café, unlike those found in metropolitan areas of the United States. Diners should plan on staying at the restaurant for at least a few hours. And don’t forget to come hungry! Most of the dishes patrons will receive come in HUGE portions!

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