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Beautiful Manoa sunset.

Manoa Oahu

So it’s been a pretty incredible week so far. I’ve been staying with my friend who lives in Manoa and attends the University of Hawaii (about a 7 minute walk away from his house). I decided to tag along for most of the days he had class. The campus is incredible. Way different from the University of Arizona where I attended. Rolling hills of green grass, lots of random art, and even a hidden Japanese garden. Pretty amazing.

The campus has a culture all it’s own. Like everything else on the island, there’s a relaxed feel here. There’s even a bar on campus as well as some local food truck vendors. My favorite, Govinda’s, is run by Hare Krishna volunteers. They serve vegetarian dishes but with huge servings that don’t leave you feeling too crappy or full when you’re done. The tea and combo meals are fantastic, and everything on the menu is reasonably priced. Great find for the traveler on a budget.

Manoa , Oahu

This was a seriously a cheap meal, even by Hawaii standards!

When we’re not on campus, my buddy and I would go to some local-only beaches and soak up some sun. He drove us around the valley area and took me to see the Diamond Head crater.

The local bar scene has been a ton of fun. With Waikiki a short drive or bus ride away, there are a ton of resorts and local bars to hit up to meet locals and tourists alike.

Oahu is an amazing place and I wish I could have had more than a week to explore things like Pearl Harbor and the North Shore while I was here, but I’m now looking forward to heading to the big island to start my volunteer work!

— Porter

Walk home from campus

Manoa Sunset

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