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5 Group Nature Getaways Near Toronto

Toronto is a world class destination spot in Canada that is known for its dining, shopping, music and art. But did you know that there are also some incredible scenic spots not far from the capital city of Ontario? If you are looking to go on a wilderness excursion and really enjoy the beautiful nature of Canada, we have picked out our top 5 favorite destination spots close to Toronto that are perfect for family reunion or even work retreats.

Since there are so many different spots to choose from, you need to make sure you are doing your research and picking the best spot for your group. Of course, once you choose your destination, you have to plan group transportation. Chartering a Toronto school bus rental is a cost-effective way to make sure everyone gets there safely and on time. It’s also a lot less complicated than trying to coordinate a bunch of separate car pools. It is important to never leave out even the tiniest details when planning your adventures.

  1. Webster’s Falls

Located at the Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, you can enjoy the breathtaking 22 meter high waterfalls known as Webster’s Falls. These falls are known for its panoramas, making Webster’s Falls a must visit spot, especially during the summer months when the weather is the best. Webster’s Falls is also home to the largest waterfall in the region, which flows into Spencer Creek and is famously photographed on many postcards.

  1. Belfountain Provincial Park

Just an hour drive north of Toronto, Belfountain Provincial Park is the ideal place for hiking, fishing and group get togethers. The park even offers special events like Yoga in the Park. You can also catch stunning features like onsite waterfalls and flower gardens. There is also an oriental garden, making it a popular place for weddings and photo sessions. Belfountain Provincial Park also offers picnic tables so you can enjoy a lunch surrounded by gorgeous views of the area.

  1. Rattlesnake Point

If you are looking for a prime hiking spot, Rattlesnake Point is home to four spectacular hiking trails. Looking to be even more adventurous? Check out one of their three rock climbing areas. The panoramic views are breathtaking and it is a great place to camp for the weekend. There are also stunning golf courses in the area if you are looking for even more fun. It really is a beautiful area and is the perfect place to see the seasons change. Especially during autumn when the leaves are starting to change, Rattlesnake Point is most stunning. Fun fact, Rattlesnake Point is named after its snake like paths, which were cut by glaciers and represent the incredible geographical formations of the area.

  1. Kariya Park

Kariya Park opened in 1992 as a tribute to the city’s relationship city with Kariya, Japan. The serene park is full of greenery and a Japanese Garden. It also happens to be the ideal place to catch the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. The park is complete with plenty of walkways and even a duck pond, making it a great place for a little family reunion. It is also a famous spot for wedding photos. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and just take in all that nature has to offer, Kariya Park is your spot.

  1. Murphy’s Pinnacle

Full of hiking and walking trails, Murphy’s Pinnacle is a famous nature spot not far from Toronto. It is most popular during the months of April and October, so that you can really enjoy the area during the nice weather. The hiking trails offer incredible views of the surrounding landscape and is a well-known scenic spot in Canada. The forest nearby is a great place to explore and really get in touch with nature. Plus, the area is pet friendly!


Feature photo by Conservation Halton

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