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The Best Cities for Music Festivals

Festivals take place all over the world, but some cities are more accommodating than others. A festival is always a good time, but it is a better time when you are in a city where the locals are welcoming and it is a music friendly city.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a terrific city to see pretty much any concert. It is a popular place for artists to perform. Pretty much any world tour makes a stop in Toronto, but it is also home to a lot of great festivals. The music scene has really grown and the local residents are very welcoming to visitors. It is home to festivals like NXNE, Indie Week, Digital Dreams and more.

Austin, Texas

Austin has been called the unofficial music festival capital in the country. It hosts some of the best festivals and there is a whole season dedicated to them. There is also incredible food in Austin. It is a great city to go visit and see festivals like South by Southwest, Austin City Limits and Austin Psych Fest. Euphoria is also not far from Austin.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has incredible weather and an even better atmosphere. A lot of smaller festivals call Los Angeles home, but even though they are small, they will still rock your socks off. It is a city with a lot of talent, so you know you will always be seeing a great show. You can catch festivals like the Sunset Strip Music Festival and Culture Collide. Coachella and StageCoach happen to be a short drive from L.A. too.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a great party city so of course it is a great place to see a music festival. There are weeks of non-stop music festivals and partying during the summer. It is a very popular spot for EDM, maybe even one of the biggest spots in the world for EDM festivals. A lot of festival cruises also dock from Miami. Festivals that come to Miami include Ultra Music Festival, 9 mile Festival and Miami Beach Orange Drive.


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