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Yummy Free Snacks During Your Next Flight

Flying isn’t always fun. But it can be tolerable when airlines hand out delicious free snacks. A lot of airlines charge an arm and a leg for anything to eat or drink, but these airlines still pass out so tasty free snacks on your flight and even when you are sitting in coach!

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JetBlue’s Terra Blues potato chips
JetBlue has always been known for their iconic Terra Blues potato chips. Back in the early days before they stared making smaller bags of the blue chips, larger bags were given to passengers. These days, passengers are given individual-sized bags, but there are still plenty of chips to satisfy you. Even on short flights, JetBlue is happy to give out the chips. These blue chips are crispy and tasty and the perfect distraction on your next flight.

Delta’s Biscoff cookies
By the look of them, you wouldn’t think that Delta’s Biscoff cookies are any good. But they are actually have a lot of flavor and are pretty delicious. These cookies have the Delta logo on them and are served on every flight. They have this sweet, caramel-like flavor and are crunchy. Another great thing about these cookies is they are vegan. If you are really nice, some flight attendants will give you two packs of cookies.

Southwest’s peanuts
Southwest is always one of the cheapest options when it comes to flying. But even though they are still pretty cheap, they hand out some yummy honey-roasted peanuts to all flyers. You can’t really go wrong with peanuts, but something about Southwest’s peanuts taste extra delicious. There are salty and sweet and really help pass the time on your flight.



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