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Why Victor Harbor is the Ideal Schoolies Location

Once you get done with exams, you want to get away to a different location and have the time of your life to unwind before the next study phase. You know you have worked hard and deserve to celebrate your hard-earned achievements. Victor Harbor is the ideal getaway for schoolies’ celebrations. Every year, Victor Harbor hosts schoolies and provides comfortable accommodation. This year, Victor Harbor Holiday 2018 and Cabin Park are again hosting 2018 Schoolies Festival for students finishing year 12.

Most of the schoolies’ event take place within Victor Harbor and Warland Reserve, 70 km south of Adelaide. It takes hardly 15 – 20 minutes to get to the reserve. The harbor receives thousands of schoolies each year to enjoy beach parties and events. This year, it’s going to be bigger and better. Schoolies are provided with a range of activities that can be enjoyed throughout the vacation. Some of the most happening activities include paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, golf, and canoeing. Victor Harbor is a safe place to have a great vacation with friends or family. has been organising schoolies and leavers packages to Victor Harbor for years and provide a safe environment for these school-leavers to let their hair down.

The cabins at Victor Harbor are located in picturesque sites among trees and overlooking the beach. The ideal time to visit Victor Harbor is between October and January. Victor Harbor offers the following great places for exploration and adventure to make a memorable vacation.

  • Granite Island
  • Horse Drawn Tram
  • Deep Creek Conservation Park
  • Newland Head Conservation Park, which offer scenic view cliffs and beaches. This is also a great place for camping.
  • National Trust Museum, which exhibits relics from 19th century lifestyle.

Victor Harbor is well-maintained, thanks to the Green Team Volunteers of Empower Youth. Over 600 volunteers work as part of Empower Youth to improve communities that are undergoing social challenges, protect the environment in collaboration with the government, local organizations, as well as the public, and mobilize people for environmental preservation. Currently, the Green Team is handling Schoolies Festival at Victor Harbor. It’s mainly because of Empower Youth that Schoolies Festival is safe for celebrations at Victor Harbor. The festival flourishes because of the collaborative efforts and dedication of the Green Team.

The Green Team manages events by keeping an eye on schoolies to ensure their protection, keep the surroundings clean by removing garbage and make sure that accommodation facilities remain clean. The team also helps manage transport, assist students, keep buses clean, and help schoolies get organized for the journey. The Green Team helps create a positive atmosphere, interact with schoolies and generously provide free food. In accommodation facilities, the team makes sure that all refreshments and snacks are provided to the schoolies and the rooms are properly furnished to welcome school leavers.

Last year, Victor Harbor hosted 8,000 schoolies. Reservations have started. If you want to make reservations, now is a good time to collaborate with friends to get the best accommodation.



Photo By Ian W. Fieggen – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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