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Why do we carry too many things on trips? This is the answer!

When the time comes to pack a suitcase before going on vacation, for many people, it may be as scary as having sex games with monsters. The question that always arises is what we need and what is an apparent surplus. But, although we often weigh, the result is usually unfavorable. We get carried away at the moment and bring more clothes than we can wear during the vacation. If you find yourself in these lines and want to find out the reason for this behavior, we invite you to stay with us below.

1. Filling a suitcase brings calm

Large suitcases are, in most cases overestimated, because they take up a lot of space, they are ungrateful to carry, and in the end, we do not wear even half of the wardrobe that is in it. However, the more things are next to us, the higher the dose of calm is inside us. It makes us feel like we are at home, which is especially crucial for people who find it difficult to get out of their comfort zone.

2. You feel more confident in yourself

For those who are undecided, packing two dresses in different colors instead of one is the only solution. Of course, what you just read also applies to footwear, beauty and care products, and bathing suits. However, if we look at it objectively, there is no need to accumulate, because, in the end, the goal of going on a trip is rest and relaxation. You are only going to be there for several days or perhaps a few weeks, and during that time (if you are single), you should think about how to hook up with someone on a drink, not how to make a family sex simulator.

3. The contents of the suitcase dictate the mood before the trip

One look at the suitcase is enough to assess whether you are burdened with worries or relieved because you know that the vacation can begin. If you belong to the first group, try to make a detour and imagine that you are already at the destination, where you will soon relax and ask why luggage is so heavy.

So, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be too stressed when it comes to packing. The old saying says that there are only two things that you really can’t forget when going on a holiday, and those are your money and your passport. Everything else, even if you need it, you can find it on the spot. Also, you should pay attention to when booking your next trip is the weather, since you should probably choose someplace where it is hot so that you don’t need a lot of clothes. There is perhaps nothing better than spending a few days near the sea, bringing nothing but a pair of shorts and a few casual T-shirts that you can pack in your handbag.

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