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Who Pays on a First Date? Tips for Both Men and Women

Things have changed and both genders are now asking for equality in everything: leadership, work positions, and many other things. But there is still one controversial topic: who pays on the first date? Is it the man or woman?

Well, there are many schools of thought that are backed by various reasons as we are going to see below. So let us look deeper into different scenarios and reasons behind it.

Men Should Always Pay on the First Date

A large number of people out there think that being a ”gentleman” requires you to always take care of the bill on the first date. In fact, it is expected that you will do this for many other dates to come. Men have an ego as well and believe that they should be the ultimate providers. Lastly, it is more likely that the man will prompt for the date, and of course will take care of the bills.

If the Woman Never Pays on Dates

Some women will declare this openly or hint at it through actions. It is her principle that she cannot just pay the bill on a date. In this case, the man has no option other than to take care of the bill. Although this is a bad notion for the generation that is pushing for equality, it could also be taken as a way to show submission by the woman.

What About When She Picks Up the Check?

Some women are bold enough and will pick up the check on the first date. However, this is likely to happen only when she is the one who asked you out. But are you going to watch her reach for her wallet and pay? As a man, this could be your opportunity to impress her. According to experts at a dating website,, requesting her politely to let you pay for the bill is a sign that you have an interest in her as well. It is one of those opportunities for you to shine even if she is the one who asked you out in the first place.

The Bill-Splitting Scenario

To be sincere, this scenario sounds weird and not many people want to be involved in it. However, if one party insists that you split the bill, it is better to take that as a sign of respect to the decision. Ladies primarily ask for this option if they believe that that they must take care of themselves. However, it may look rude to a man who asked you on a date unless they declare that they are broke. This scenario, according to experts, is less likely to happen.

Final Word

The question about who pays for the bill depends on many factors as we have seen above. Some can be controlled while others should be left the way they came. If one person happens to be broke but offered the first date, it is crucial to declare this early in advance or postpone the date. After all, there are many ways of getting some money to save this embarrassment. Overall, most men will pay on the first date.


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