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When Traveling Through America, the Car is King

What is America and road trips without riding in a convertible on famous Route 66? Even if you end up in a minivan instead of a hot rod, traveling by automobile is a favorite mode of conquest based on the number of sights and scenery that encapsulates America’s highways. The great American road trip should include some of the following things:

Roadworthy car: The adventure starts with securing a reliable car which can handle the journey ahead. In addition to making sure the tires have tread and oil isn’t overdue for a change, it’s important to double check the car’s paperwork. Check the car insurance online to make sure the policy is up to date. Examine the license plates to guarantee the tags aren’t expired. All systems go? Then you’re good to go!

A group of your best friends: Whether is some of your BFFs from college, your high school, or childhood friends, a group of friends traveling together by car can be a fun event as long as everyone contributes as part of the team along the way.

Scenic overlooks of the beach: From Malibu, California to Daytona Beach, a car can reach those amazing places that many of your friends, spouse or family members can snag memorable pictures of. Whether it is snapping photographs of the Rocky Mountains in the West, or taking in fantastic views of wildlife, cars can ultimately keep you safe from rain and the other elements. And this includes wild animals.

Places that your car can handle: Because of the high-tech nature of cars today, many people can use GPS, Bluetooth technology, and other infotainment options while cruising on that Great American road trip.

Healthy snacks: While they’re a good idea no matter who’s tagging along, healthy road trip snacks are especially recommended when traveling with children. They provide much-needed energy without an unnecessary amount of processed fats and sugars.

Iconic spots that are car-friendly: Drive-in movie theaters are are still options to choose as well as drive-in fast food restaurants, which let you park and order from a kiosk or microphone. Then just let your waitress or waiter come right to your car to enjoy your meal, with the convertible top entirely down. Whether it is the double-cheeseburger or that classic chocolate malt, cars that help bring back the nostalgia of the drive-in movie theaters and drive-up burger chains of the 1950s and 1960s.

Cars can also be a perfect mode of transport because when your group of travelers gets a bit tired, there are also plenty of rest-stops along most highways that can be ideal for picnics. These rest stop areas along your road travels can even provide you with a bit of shut-eye.

What about music tours or music festivals?

Cars can also be an excellent option for those 3-day or even 5-day music festivals other festivals that occur from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. You can park your ride and relax to take in the music they are being played from inside the venue or park, while you hang out with friends and others for those tailgating parties. Why not use some of the technology with the newer models to get your camera and video set up as part of the infotainment side and play some music with that guitar you decided to bring along for that summer road trip.

If you have a classic car, there are plenty of ways to show it off across the U.S.A. If you still have that “cherry,” 1955 Nomad that hasn’t seen much wear and tear, now is the time to show it off. There are plenty of car shows that allow you to drive up and enter. It is best to check out cities like Las Vegas in Nevada, and even beach towns that host car shows during many summer months.

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