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What to Wear When Hiking Angels Landing

What to Wear When Hiking Angels Landing

angels landingIf you’re planning for an incredible hiking trip in Utah, you’re probably wondering what to wear when hiking Angels Landing. A virtual hiker’s paradise, Angels Landing is not for any inexperienced enthusiast of the recreational activity. So does that require any special clothing or gear?

Our most important advice to you is to wear enough loose fitting clothing to keep you comfortable, anything that’s easy to move around in. Athletic pants and shirts – essentially your average hiking gear – are excellent to bring along for your trip to Angels Landing. If you’re ditching the long sleeves, still make sure to apply the proper amount of sunblock before setting out.

Keeping your eyes shaded and out of direct sunlight is also an excellent option here. We recommend taking along hats with larger brims and considering an additional pair of sunglasses as well. Make sure any accessories you bring along are fairly inexpensive – you won’t want to run the risk of losing or damaging property along the steeper embankments.

While there’s plenty of chained rails for you to grip along your trek, depending upon how much grip you apply, bringing along a pair of gloves can protect your hand from developing any calluses.


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