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What Should You Wear on a Long Flight?

Going on a holiday in a far off place is really fun, but the long-haul flights that come with it are not so much. There are several reasons why long flights leave you feeling tired and queasy, and a smart traveler knows that preparation is key to beat the stress that the journey brings.

On that note, one of the major things you have to consider when planning your flight is your outfit. While this might seem like a minor detail, the truth is what you’re wearing can make you a lot more comfortable in a typically uncomfortable situation. Together with cardigans and snug compression socks, here are a few other items that can offer comfort whilst flying.

1. Pullovers and Cardigans

Long flights are often chilly. Thus, it’s important to bring a long pullover or cardigan that can keep the cold out, especially during overnight flights. Bring one that is pretty lightweight and just layer up if it’s still too cold. Avoid wearing thick coats as these take up too much space in your seat and are too bulky to carry around.

2. Cotton Tops

While the cabin can be cold and dry most of the time, there are also times when the temperature can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and gross. This is why it’s best to wear a top made from a breathable fabric such as cotton for better body heat regulation. This way, you can effectively cope with the varying changes in temperature inside the plane as you travel.

3. Loose-fitting Pants or Trousers

Most people think that wearing skinny jeans during a flight is a good idea. Wearing tight clothing isn’t actually just uncomfortable, but it also increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clots. As much as possible, stick to loose-fitting pants and trousers that do not constrict blood flow. Instead of the conventional denim jeans, try wearing stretchy or wide-leg pants, slacks, and trousers that offer better comfort.

4. Compression Socks

Long-haul flights often require passengers to sit for a long period of time. Sure, you can move around the cabin for a couple of minutes, but you’ll spend the majority of your time sitting down. This can lead to blood pooling in your legs and feet. To counter this, make sure that you wear compression socks during your flight. These socks help increase blood circulation, effectively reducing the risk of swelling and clotting. Trade in your regular socks for one of these if you’re going to be traveling a lot.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Walking a lot and sitting down for hours on end can be painful tasks if you’re not wearing the right type of shoes. Even if you want to dress to impress, avoid wearing heels and stilettos that can put added strain on your feet. Instead, wear comfy footwear like sneakers and flats. Not only are these easier to walk in, but they also offer good arch support for your feet.

6. Practical Accessories

You don’t have to keep it simple just to be comfortable; accessories can actually help you feel better during the flight. For example, it’s a good idea to bring a scarf onboard. You can use this as a pillow or extra blanket so you can sleep better on the way to your destination. 

Comfort and safety are the top two things you should think about when putting together an outfit for your flight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of style at all. Make use of practical and versatile clothes that can be mixed and matched with statement pieces. This way, you can travel in style to your holiday destination and still enjoy a relatively stress-free journey.

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