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Captain Cook Trail

Captain Cook Trail

This past week on the Big Island, I spent most of my time helping out at Kris’ farm. Trimming coffee trees, harvesting some macadamia nuts, and some general weeding, etc. When we had some time off, we would walk down the street to the local school where Kris’ aunt teaches. We would hang out with her and play around on the jungle gym with the kids during recess.

When the weekend came by Kris brought me to one of his favorite hiking spots, Captain Cook Trail. You can see signs for it on the main highway and it’s pretty well marked. It took us about 45 minutes to hike down a dry and almost desert-like trail, that was, until we got to the bottom where we found more greenery and lush island trees. The trail brings you down to the Captain Cook memorial, a favorite tourist spot for fishing/snorkeling boat trips. The water was incredibly clear and we didn’t hesitate to jump off of the dock and go for a swim. It was kind of sketchy because of all the reefs and sea critters, but we managed to get back on land after a while.

Pictures from Captain Cook Trail

Captain Cook Trail in all it’s glory

When it came time to start up the trail again, we packed up our bags and headed up. It took us almost an hour and a half getting back up since we were so tired from the sun and all the swimming.

As we drove back to Kris’ property, I noticed quite a few people hitchhiking along the roadside. Kris explained to me that although it wasn’t technically “legal” to hitchhike, the island police don’t do anything to stop it. I’ve never even thought of hitchhiking but if I were to pick a place to do it, I’d pick a place as relaxed as this island… I think I’ll try to hitch a ride to Hilo sometime next week!


— Porter

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