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Budget Travel Blog L&T Explores Honolulu

So this is my contribution to the budget travel blog L&T. I fell in love with Hawaii a long time ago and jumped at the chance to cover it. Much has changed in my time since my first visit, I've since had friends move there and family move away. One thing is always constant though: there are many places in Hawaii that function as a veritable paradise. I kid you not, Hawaii is the place to be for many.

This week my friend had a few days off of school and had planned to fill that time with earning some extra cash at his job. Luckily, he works at the Ala Moana Center which I later found out to be not only the largest mall in Hawaii, but also one of the largest malls in the world! Before clocking in, my buddy showed me a few key places in the mall like the restrooms closets to his kiosk, the food court and a stage with some interchanging local acts.

Budget Travel Blog Guide to Hawaii Newcomers

I thought for sure I would spend most of my time at the food court and the stage, but soon after my friend headed to work, I ventured over to the outer region of the mall to find that it actually backs up to a pretty spacious and empty beach park. I headed over a small bridge and walked about 50 yards before getting to the sand. I kicked off my flip flops and dug my toes in the sand. I got out my book and quickly realized the day was too perfect to read, so I ended up going for a swim. The water was perfect. Clear and blue and refreshing. After a while I decided to take a walk and dry off before heading back to meet up with my comrade.

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Monoa Beach Park | Budget Travel Blog

For the rest of the week, when my friend would go to work, I would head straight to the beach to swim, walk around, and talk to some locals. It was nice to be able to explore on my own, especially because within the next few weeks I'll actually be on my own when I'm on the Big Island.

I honestly feel like exploring at this level is perfect for the budget travel blog personality in you!

I ended my time on Oahu the same way it started, in awe. I had an incredible time meeting people from all around the world who all seem to love this place as much as the next. I wish I could have more time here but it is time to continue on this island adventure of mine. I head to the Big Island in just a few weeks to continue traveling and exploring. Aloha, Oahu. And mahalo!

— Porter

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