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Vacationing in Peru

Looking for a place to visit that is gorgeous, but not a typical travel spot? Peru offers everything from beautiful weather to breathtaking scenery to delicious Peruvian cuisine. There are also a number of activities to do during the day and lively nightlife.

Peru is in western South America and borders the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the Andres Mountains, the Amazon River and luscious rain forests. It is the perfect place to visit to experience a mix of cultural traditions like art, music and literature. The majority of the region speaks Spanish and the country sees different types of weather throughout the area.

The coastal region has high humidity with moderate temperatures and low precipitation. The mountain region sees a lot of rain during the summer. The Peruvian Amazon also sees heavy rain and some warm temperatures. The southern part of the area does see some cold winters though.

Due to the high biodiversity of Peru, it homes over 21,000 species of plants and animals. Visitors can find monkeys, birds and sharks along the coastal region. The land near the border of the Andes Mountains has adorable alpacas, llamas and chinchillas. Crocodiles, pythons, monkeys and piranhas live in the jungle and near the Amazon River.

The food in Peru is also very diverse and a lot of the dishes include corn, potatoes, rice, chili peppers ad quinoa. Potatoes, lima beans, quinoa and fruits are common crops in the country. Creole and ceviche are very popular along the coastal regions.

The largest city in Peru is also the capital of the country. Lima is a great place to be go to try all of the different types of Peruvian cuisine and is perfect place for tourists. The city has beautiful weather in the summer with warm and sunny days. The month of January can see a lot of rain and the can get pretty warm. Winter is a little different and often overcast with several days of rain.

Lima offers fun things for everyone like live folklore shows. They also have bicycle, running and walking tours around the city and I have heard they are the very best. There is also surf lessons and surf tours available. Near the airport sits a terrific market that is a great spot to grab some last item things and souvenirs. The nightlight is always fun with the city full of bars with fresh fruit cocktails and fun things to do like pub-crawls.



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