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USA vs. Germany and San Antonio Weather

germany-USAWhile the rest of America may be burning up, San Antonio is experiencing some spring level weather! After spending a day on the riverwalk and going for a run in the evening I took it easy last night wake up early for the U.S.A vs. Germany match.

The Lion & Rose Pub opened up early to air the match and the whole bar was packed wall to wall. You would have thought that San Antonio would have been worn out by all of the NBA Championship craziness that has been going on the past month but they were still strong to support our Americans during the game.

Alas, U.S.A. didn’t win but that didn’t dampen the bars spirits as we are going to the next round! It’s awesome that America is finally getting into soccer. After watching the game I went home for a quick nap before grabbing some lunch at Picnikins Patio Café which is a kind of upscale lunch place.

I got some chicken tortilla soup and their backyard sandwich which is essentially a club sandwich with an olive tampenade. The food was great and so was the glass of red wine I enjoyed on the patio.

I’m not going to lie this was a pretty lazy day for me! I spent the rest of time I had sun light laying out by the pool to get myself a well-deserved tan! I don’t get much sun at all of the places we fly to and I get even less time to just relax and listen to music!

This San Antonio weather is incredible!

I ended the night by grabbing a Cuban sandwich from Ocho and once again passing out early! I’ll run tomorrow…

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