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Turn Shatter into E-juice

If you ever wonder what shatter is or how to turn shatter into e juice, here is your answer.

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Shatter is a form of Cannabis extract which is hard and translucent with a glass-like appearance. Shatter is derived by extracting the essential-oil component of the plant. It has a distinct texture and can be easily described as a Cannabis concentrate that breaks and shatters like glass. It is worth noting that live rosin retains terpenes even better than live resin.

Shatter is one of the most acceptable forms of marijuana products in the market today. It was detected in 2010 and has since then been a potent way for Cannabis addicts to Vape at will.

Origin of Shatter

To extract shatter and other extracts from cannabis, a solvent such as butane, hexane, isopropyl, or Carbon dioxide is usually passed through cured or fresh cannabis material that has been thoroughly ground, and this gives a thick amber-colored Cannabis oil which contains the plant’s active chemical compound. By purging the solvent from the shattered oil with heat and vacuum, the cannabis extract can be processed into any of its forms, one of which is shatter.

Properties of Shatter

The unique nature of shatter comes down to its chemistry. The Cannabis extract present in shatter has a well-aligned structure that allows light to pass through it, leading to its glass-like property. It is more stable due to its molecular structure and may not be easily converted like wax or other cannabis extract forms. Shatter is very hard, which causes it to break or crack on exposure to pressure.

Shatter has a potency ranging between 50 – 90% cannabinoids of its total weight, and this has made it the fastest, safest, and an efficient smoke-free way to consume cannabis. You can dab, or vape shatter in its raw form or otherwise convert it to lighter forms such as E-juice.

Why the Home-Made Option?

The main component of the E-juice is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and E-juice is a short form for Electronic Juice. To make your E-juice, which you can store and use in your vape pen, here’s a simplified guide to help you. Making your E-juice from shatter is a very simple process that can save you a lot of money. It is important that you know the concentration of the shatter you want to use. On average, all cannabis extract contains about 60-90% of the THC concentrate.

Material Preparation

As part of the equipment and material preparation, you need to prepare plastic bottles, Glass dropper bottles, latex gloves, blunt tip syringe, heating source, and stirrer. Your heating source could be boiling water or microwave. You’ll also need Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine to act as your diluent or liquidizer. You should also prepare your flavoring agent, which is usually a Terpene.

Practical Procedure on how to Turn shatter into E-liquid

Step 1: Mixing

The amount of concentrate you use will determine the amount of diluent/liquidizer to use. Usually, in the ratio: 1g of shatter to 1 ml of liquidizer solvents is usually used. In any case, you need to watch out for the manufacturer’s recommendation on the body of the substance. Your desired thickness will also determine the mixing ratio you need to adopt.

Step 2: Heating  

After pacing your concentrate into the heating glass, the next thing is to heat the concentrate either with the aid of the microwave or any heating element you have provided. Heat and stir the concentrate until everything turns to liquid. The operating temperature should be kept below 156 degrees Celcius so that the components do not start to vapourize. 

Step 3: Mixing 

Now that the concentrate is in the liquid form, you can now mix with your terpene and diluents. The ratio of diluent to concentrate depends on the thickness of the concentrate vis-a-vis the thickness of the product you want to achieve. The more diluent you use, the lighter and weaker it becomes. You can check for the manufacturer’s recommendation of the label of the diluent. Stir the mixture, and here you have your E-juice.

Step 4: Injecting your E-juice into the Vape pen

Now that you have your e-juice ready for use, you can finish the process by storing the product in the vape pen. Using the blunt tip syringe, you can suck the juice into the syringe and then put it in your vape pen/cartridge.

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