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Travelling the Trans-Mongolian: Tips for Passengers

Train Spotting

Although it might be easy to assume that many of the people who decide to embark on a Trans-Siberian express train journey are fanatical about trains and the kinds of destinations that can be discovered whilst aboard one of these forms of transportation, this is not always the case at all. Whether or not we have had some experience travelling along the Trans-Mongolian route, it is not a bad idea finding out about the best experiences to have during our journey. Indeed, most future passengers of this amazing train trip will make sure they look up the better things to do during their train-based vacation. In addition, the more seasoned travellers about to go on such a journey will want to gain more insight into the various aspects of their upcoming tour.

Some of the things to read up on regarding a trip on an express train as part of a Trans-Mongolian adventure can be seen below:

  1. Be prepared for a long wait at the Erlian border crossing
  2. Be amazed by the first sight of the Gobi Desert after entering Mongolia
  3. Be astonished by the beautiful scenery of the green steppe and rolling hills
  4. Enjoy an overnight stay in a tourist ger camp
  5. Take in the many other sights where the great Genghis Khan once roamed

For people travelling the Trans-Mongolian express who are fascinated with anything to do with trains and railways, there are lots of opportunities to take pictures of Mongolian railway buildings in towns that were built specifically to facilitate this important industry.

Express Tours

Anyone that has some knowledge about the Trans-Siberian train trips available today will be aware of the various routes that can be taken on what should be the time of our lives. Of course, once we have studied all the alternative routes to take when experiencing one of the more popular Trans-Siberian express tours, we should be able to make up our mind about which option we would prefer to go on.

Apart from learning about the options in the ways we can get to experience what is meant to be one of the most amazing train journeys throughout the world, we should find out how we can make the most of our time aboard a Trans-Mongolian train.

Photo by Flickr

Travel Blogs

Regardless of whether we keep a travel blog when we are on the road or not, it is always best to take a look at some of the more insightful articles featuring the kinds of places we are interested in visiting. Needless to say, keen train travellers planning to take a ride on one of the more comfortable Trans-Mongolian express trains will look online for blogs detailing the adventures of travellers who regularly publish accounts of their personal experiences. Indeed, there are websites that can help you take a step in the right direction if you wish to find out more about why you should book up a journey on-board a Trans-Mongolian express train. Of course, not only are these sorts of sites a good place to draw some inspiration after reading interesting blogs from intrepid travellers, but also somewhere to learn more about the things we should prepare before embarking on our train journey.

Indeed, the last thing any passenger of a Trans-Siberian express train would want is to discover they are inadequately prepared for what will be a fairly long trip. It is thus advisable to learn about the place you intend to visit.


Feature photo by Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen on Unsplash

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