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Travel Spots for Millenials

Traveling is on everyone’s bucket list. But some destinations are best to visit before you reach the age of 30. These spots just cater more to the younger generation because of their crazy nightlife and strenuous activities. Plus, these places also won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

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If you are a hiker, you have to get to Machu Picchu in your prime. It really is a paradise to all hikers. Tourists have a chance to take in the Incan ruins in the Andes Mountains and view the gorgeous Urubamba Valley. You can visit this magical spot in Peru year-round because the weather is always perfect for hiking.

Ibiza, Spain


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Of course Spain is known for its lively nightclubs and Ibiza is one of the best spots to really experience the nightlife of Spain. The best time to visit the Mediterranean island is between the months of June and October. August can get pretty hot so try to go in September when you will be able to experience the entire end of the season celebrations. Not only are there a handful of parties, but also a number of music festivals roll through. You can relax on the beaches or at a crazy pool party during the day and enjoy all of the clubs and parties at night.

Havana, Cuba


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Havana is usually always sunny with some terrific weather. It is such a great place to really experience Cuba’s rich culture with their vintage cars, tasty cuisines and their world famous baseball. Havana is home to a lot of baseball fans and it is a ton of fun to try to catch a local game. The city is also full of museums and a lot of historical churches and cars that line the streets.

Western Cape, South Africa

Western Cape

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If you are looking for a serious adventure, you need to travel to Western Cape in South Africa. Of course you will be able to go on a savannasafari while there, but you also need to check out the world’s highest bridge for bungee jumping. Bloukrans Bridge is no joke as it takes visitors on a 709 feet plummet to the Bloukrans River. If you don’t want to experience it for yourself, you can watch all of the thrill seekers while taking in the beauty the arch bridge over Nature Valley.



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