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Travel Hotspots For Those Who Wish To Explore Canada

Canada is a country with plenty of room for exploration.  The landscapes in Canada vary widely, offering a wide variety of possible experiences for adventurous travelers.  

If you’re seeking out your next outdoorsy vacation plans, then you’ll want to consider what you can find traveling around Canada.  Take a moment to read through a brief summary of a few Canadian hotspots you’ll want to consider while planning your next outing.  

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Head to British Columbia if you’re really looking to explore what nature has to offer.  Check into the Eagle Nook Resort on Vancouver Island, and enjoy excellent sportfishing opportunities.  Get lost in the to and fro of the swaying waters, and make a few memories while you’re there.  

You can plan a boys day out, or you can take the whole family to this cozy lodge nestled comfortably in some of the most beautiful land in the world.  You can’t really go wrong in this region of the nation, but there are those gems.  

Banff, Alberta 

Plan a true adventure, and take a hike in Banff National Park.  Located in the heart of Alberta, Canada, Banff grants outdoorsy travelers the option to hop aboard a helicopter and fly to a remote area to gain a closer connection with nature.  

If you want a little easier rendezvous with the great outdoors, you can choose to take an easier walk through a grassy meadow.  Enjoy a waterfall picnic during your day, and rejuvenate your mind.  

Kyuquot, British Columbia

Head back to the west coast of Canada, and visit Kyuquot, B.C. where you can take an extended kayaking trip alongside adorable otters, puffins, and other awe-inspiring wildlife.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself being visited by a humpback or killer whale.  

Pack your bags, and don’t forget your waterproof camera.  You won’t want to miss a scene along this unforgettable journey.  

Big River, Saskatchewan 

Explore dry land in Prince Albert National Park, and take an extended horseback ride across the wild plains of Canada.  Visit the Sturgeon River Ranch, and take a real journey on horseback.  

Travelers bring packs for an overnight stay in the wilderness of Big River, complete with everything you’d expect from a Canadian camping adventure.  

Churchill, Manitoba 

Visit Manitoba in the summer, and feast your eyes on a whole slew of beluga whales and polar bears.  This region of Canada is home to hundreds of different species of birds, and you’ll have the chance of seeing an arctic fox as well.  

If you’re looking for a good place to commune with nature, Canada has a long list of them.  Take your exploration north, and dive into what The Great White North has to offer.

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