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Travel Guide to Cambridge, MA

If you are looking for a place to travel where you can see the things that combined to make America into the country it is today, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a good bet. The city’s long history and association with higher learning make it chock full of points of interest to check out. But, it’s not just about monuments and schools; Cambridge has a great nightlife and excellent shopping as well.


Cambridge was originally settled in colonial times as Newe Towne, defensibly upriver from Boston. The original settlers were Puritans looking for a land to call their own; many of the names of the founding families now adorn local streets and schools. Initially serving mainly as an agricultural colony, the renamed Cambridge eventually became a source of literature and knowledge, with many great American writers hanging their hats in the city limits and several universities opening their doors. That includes Harvard University, named after a local landowner and the first university to open in the United States, originally intended to train ministers.

What to Do

Cambridge’s main claim to fame remains its university culture, anchored around Harvard and MIT, two of the nation’s top colleges. Touring the historical buildings can be fun, though subject to availability, as the schools are obviously still functioning and the needs of classes take priority. The city divides itself into districts referred to as “squares,” with many of the better-known neighborhoods clustering around the schools. This includes Kendall Square, also known as Technology Square due to its high-tech businesses, and Harvard Square, with a lot of shopping and sights to see.

Where to Stay

Of course, where you stay is going to be influenced by where you want to go and what you want to see. If you are looking to spend some time looking around the universities, you may want to find a place to rest your head in the vicinity. At the same time, cost is going to be influenced by convenience, so getting a first-rate hotel near the best tourist destinations will be rather expensive. Look into a good hotel finder to dig up the best deals, and make the booking easy and hassle-free.

Where to Eat

All that tourism will probably leave you hungry, so you’ll want to have some good restaurants picked out. If you are in Harvard Square, Mr. Bartley’s is a local institution and a great place to grab a burger and fries. If you are feeling more adventurous, Central Square is well known for a wide variety of international cuisines for you to work your way through, though recent renovations have driven up the costs in the district. If price is no object, Winthrop Square hosts the luxurious Parsnip Restaurant and Lounge, where you can enjoy an haute-cuisine menu and after-dinner drinks in a refined setting.

With so many great attractions and so much history, it is no wonder Cambridge is a common destination for those seeking to connect with the past and present of America. With a good plan, your vacation to this gem of a city is sure to be a good time.

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