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Travel Accessories for the Guitarist On the Go

Guitar players who always find themselves traveling from one place to another need gear that can make going to and from destinations a whole lot easier. Whether you’re going camping with friends, visiting family overseas or backpacking across the country, you probably want to take your acoustic guitar along with you.

It’s easier and a lot more fun to go from place to place if your guitar is easy to carry, so our first recommendation is to get a travel guitar. An acoustic guitar with a smaller body may not have the booming sound of a full-size dreadnought, but nevertheless you’ll be impressed with the sound that different models can make.

There are plenty of travel guitar models to choose from, from purely acoustic guitars to silent guitars and electro-acoustic travel guitars. Choose one that would meet your needs and preferences, and off you go! Oh, but before that, check out these guitar travel accessories that can make your trip more enjoyable.

Guitar strap

Who knows, you might get an opportunity to earn some cash busking, so you’ll need a reliable and comfortable guitar strap to keep your guitar steady and in the right position when you play. For some travel guitar models, it’s actually a must for playability.

Guitar case

Give your guitar the protection it requires with a sturdy case. A flight case is recommended if you’re going by plane, but if not, a padded gig bag with straps can fit the bill. The guitar should fit snugly in the case with little to no room for bumping around. Interior and exterior compartments for accessories are a plus.

Hygrometer and two-way humidification system

A hygrometer monitors the humidity level in the immediate environment of your guitar. It’s an essential tool that helps you determine if your guitar gets just the right amount of moisture and doesn’t dry out or expand because of too little or too much humidity. It’s also recommended to get a two-way humidification system, which can either absorb or release moisture to maintain the ideal relative humidity level in your guitar case.

Digital tuner

If the surrounding environment is too loud for your ears to hear the string you’re playing, put the tuner to work! Choose one that’s received high ratings for accuracy and convenience for best results.

Battery-powered amp

Again, you’ll never know when you’ll have the opportunity to bust out your skills in front of an audience, so getting a portable battery-powered amp is something you should seriously consider. You may not always have access to power, so an amp that has its own power supply is ideal. There are plenty of mini amps out in the market that would fit just about any budget. Don’t forget to get the necessary cables too. For players with purely acoustic guitars, consider getting a portable mini mic/pickup as well so you can amplify your sound.


A good pair of headphones is a must for players who have silent guitars. On silent mode with the headphones on, you’ll be able to hear what you’re playing without disturbing anyone else who may be asleep, or if you’re in a noisy environment and you still want to get some much-needed practice time.

Extra strings

Something you should never leave home without are extra sets of strings for your guitar. Strings can break when you least expect them to, and they wear out faster when exposed outdoors. If there is no music store nearby that carries your preferred strings – or no music store at all – you’ll be glad you have an extra set with you.

Cleaning and polishing cloths

Keeping your guitar in good condition involves giving it a good wipe-down before and after you play. If you’ve been playing outdoors, there’s a good chance the strings, surface and the nooks and crannies of your guitar could have harbored some dust and dirt, so you need to be ready to clean your guitar before putting it back in its case – so have those cloths ready!

What other things do you think guitarists should have when they’re on the go? What’s your experience with bringing your guitar along with you on trips? Share your thoughts with us!

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