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top travel blogs

Top Travel Blogs

Looking for other top travel blogs? Whether you’re a wandering nomad or an international foodie, there’s something here for every type of adventurer.

The travel community is an amazing place. Thanks to many of our friends, some of which we’ve had the pleasure to travel with, our site continues to grow as a mainstay among other amazing travel sites. To any young writers looking for inspiration, look no further than our list of top travel blogs below.

top travel blogs

Backpacking Travel Blog – Backpacking around the world with intuitive guides.
foXnoMad – Tech savvy travel tips throughout every country in the world.
Gogobot – Endless destinations all one-click away!
Nomadic Samuel – Rich international content with unique video blog and travel tales.
Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Dedicated to the aesthetic element of travel, invites readers to share their original content for featured postings.
Stop Having a Boring Life – Endless travel stories and wisdom with superb daily content.
That Backpacker – In-depth travel writing from around the globe, focusing on culture and cuisine.
Vagabond Summer – Travel site dedicated to foodies with international tastes, covering different stadiums around the world.

Are you interested in being featured on our top travel blogs list? Give us a shout. Send us the link to your site and if we like what we see and feel it adds to our readership, we’d be more than happy to feature you right here on Landings and Takeoffs.

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