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Top Beaches for Bike Rides

Did you just get a sweet new bike and want to show it off by hitting the boardwalk? Most beaches are great for a bike ride, but some spots are better than others for beach cruiser bikes. Maybe you used a bike customizer and now you want to test out your new bike. Add these spots to your bike bucket list.


The Pacific Beach boardwalk in southern California is home to palm trees and sandy beaches. It is an active spot for beach cruisers, mens bicycles, joggers, skaters, surfers and more. There are many great restaurants you can stop at to grab a bite to eat or grab a drink. But make sure to wear your suit so you can cool off in the sunshine of beautiful California.


The Virginia Beach boardwalk in Virginia is a special boardwalk that actually has a designated lane for bike riders and rollerbladers. It is a beautiful trail along the beaches and you won’t have to worry about running into pedestrians. The best time to go is in the summer to experience the beautiful weather.


The Atlantic City boardwalk in Georgia is also best to experience during the summer months. The monumental boardwalk is well-known and is a popular destination for bike riders. It takes you on a wild ride blast from the past, just like straight out of the movies. In fact, the Georgia boardwalk is the oldest boardwalk in the country.


Also down south, the Holiday Beach boardwalk in Florida is a great place to get on your bike and get some exercise. There are over 50 restaurants located along the boardwalk that covers 30 blocks. Not only is it great exercise, it is a great place for people watching.

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