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Top 5 Ways to Save Money When You’re at the Airport

Most people are concerned with saving money when booking a holiday or while on holiday. But we have some travel-savvy tricks up our sleeve that could help you save a fortune on airport expenses too. It’s easy to get carried away when the excitement of your next adventure takes over, or the panic of not having packed enough sets in. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune feeding the pre-travel jitters by spending money. The most important thing here is to tap into your common sense, remember to pre-plan and harness some self-control. From crafting a scrumptious homemade packed lunch to finding a great cheap airport parking deal using online voucher codes, our clever little tricks can get you one step closer to having a spend free airport experience. Stick to these tips and you could be saving those extra pennies for when you’re actually on your travels, rather than in the frenzy before!

  • Bring Your Own Entertainment

Bringing your own form of entertainment is one of the most important things to do in preparation for a cheap ride through the airport. If you’re armed with a book, some music, or a good film then you are a lot less likely to give in to that spending temptation. Plus having your head buried in an unputdownable book will make that dull flight wait much more entertaining. So borrow a good book or download some of your favourite films and make that wait a spendless one.

Top Tip: Try bringing something that you haven’t read before that you know you’ll enjoy. There’s nothing worse than getting bored while reading and having to invest in a different book to the one you brought with you.

  • Pre-book Your Airport Parking

Pre-planning is an important aspect of saving money once you are at the airport. And one of the most money draining aspects of traveling by air is – rather ironically – the airport parking. It is easy and hassle free to find a parking option that works for you and if you surf the web then you are sure to find some great promo codes. Whether you’re looking for a meet and greet service from London or whether you’re looking for a cheap East Midland Airport Car Parking deal, pre-booking your space will certainly save you a nice chunk of money.

Top Tip: The cheapest form of parking is most often the park and ride option so make sure you  check out the online discount codes available on option first. You can save some serious money.

  • Make Sure You Already Have Your Currency Changed

One of the most expensive ways to change your currency is at the airport. And yet the amount of people changing their money there is still going up. Perhaps this is because people don’t realise just how much more commision is taken in the airport compared to going to your local currency exchange service. Or perhaps it is because people just aren’t organised enough to pre-plan and sort it out. Either way pre-exchanging your currency is a really great way to skim on those expensive airport prices. So be sure to head down to your local money exchange service in advance and save the extra pennies for when you are actually on holiday.

Top Tip: Head to your local currency exchange service provider. Your local M&S should have an exchange section where you can find better rates. Or find a cheaper online provider.

  • Don’t Lose Your Head in Duty Free

It’s one of the easiest things to do, and the hardest to resist. But really, duty free is one of the most well renowned spending locations in the airport. With an eclectic range of heavily reduced and untaxed products on display it really is tricky not to go on a pre or post holiday spending spree. Before you head off to buy one hundred lollipops, five bottles of gin and three bottles of your favourite perfume you need to really think. Do I really need this? Will it sit on my side for months, waiting to be used and reminding me of how much I lost my head in the duty free section of the airport?

Top Tip: Set yourself a duty free budget that you’re not allowed to go over. Pick one or two of your favourite items and stick to just them. There’s always next time!

  • Make a Packed Lunch to Take With You

There’s another thing that airports are renowned for over pricing and that is the food. No one wants to pay over the bar for a half-hearted full English or a small sandwich. Do yourself a favour and pre-pack your favourite dish. From pasta and potato salad to sandwiches and a packet of crisps, you don’t need much and you will save a small fortune. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a fancy meal out when you get to your destination rather than a meal in the dingy airport lounge?

Top Tip: When bringing your packed lunch it may also be worth packing an empty bottle of water too. You can’t take a bottle of water through security but you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up on the other side.

Traveling through airports is a tricky and money consuming business. No one wants to use up their traveling spending budget all in the airport waiting area. So stick to these tips and you’re sure to save those pennies for when you are actually on holiday!


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