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Top 5 Beaches in Northumberland

Northumberland, with its atmospheric English countryside, verdant moors and way too many people named Thompson, mostly dazzles travellers with the pristine North Sea coastline that stretches almost a hundred kilometres towards Scotland. Alluringly white and peacefully isolated, these beaches from Berwick to Druridge Bay are declared a Heritage Coast and an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.” Nearby are charming English villages with little restaurants offering colossal portions of steaming fish and chips, and guesthouses with cozy rooms. Here is a list of best beaches in Northumberland for those who want to enjoy a truly relaxing beach holiday in the area:

1. Bamburgh Castle

The beach right by the impressive Bamburgh Castle is a sight to behold. Beach lovers can enjoy long walks on captivating sand dunes dotted by curiously shaped rocks. Go swimming in the calm blue water, try fishing or just sit back and enjoy the spectacular view of Farne Islands in the distance. There are a number of scenic cycling trails in the village, and day tours are offered to discover the legend of Grace Darling, who saved nine sailors from drowning.

2. Beadnell Beach

For an utterly thrilling beach vacation, head over to the Beadnell Beach, the best place in north-eastern England for water sports. Guests can enjoy a staggering variety of activities on offer, such as scuba diving, kite surfing, sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing. Wreck divers can have a blast discovering WWII-era bombed down ships. Surfing is another extremely popular adrenaline-pumping activity, as waves here can rise up to a whopping 15 feet. Non-surfers can opt for body boarding instead.

3. Cheswick Beach

For calm and tranquillity with a dash of nature, head over to Cheswick, situated between Holy Island and Berwick. In the summer, marsh orchids and wild helleborines grow on the powder-fine sand dunes. During the southern winter, rare light-bellied Brent geese flock here for the heat and abundant vegetation. The white-gold beach stretches far and wide into the distance, and the ocean in the summer is delightfully calm for long swims.

4. Warkworth Beach

Located by the historic Warkworth village, this is a beautiful, isolated beach with breathtaking sights. When the tide is low, the beach expands into a vast stretch of creamy white paradise. Warkworth is perfect for holidays with pets (the beach allows dogs), and has some of the finest Northumberland hotel accommodation close by. The beach is only about 10 or 15 minutes by foot from the village, which has wonderful art galleries, shops and a golf course.

5. Druridge Bay (South)

A privately owned stretch of pristine beach with a well-noted (but unofficial) nudist section, this crescent-shaped sandy bay is perfect for sun worshippers and pet owners who want to enjoy a quality stroll with their furry companions. There’s also a stunning woodland trail with an area for quiet picnics. The sea is suitable for swimmers of all levels.

While basking in the summer sun on the beach, don’t forget to venture off trail to discover the rural beauty of this part of Britain. There are many hamlets scattered here and there with unforgettable historical attractions.

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