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Top 3 Most Fun Airports in America

Top 3 Most Fun Airports in America

Want to know what the most fun airports in America are? Check out our list below!

most fun airports in america

Here’s our humble little list of the most fun airports in America, destinations where a layover or flight delay isn’t quite a punishment. It might sound crazy but you can actually enjoy your experience in certain airports around the country, from amazing craft beer breweries to massive aquariums. Check it out below.

1. Sky Harbor Airport – Phoenix, AZ

Sky Harbor in beautiful sunny Arizona is one of the largest operating international airports in the United States. Covering that much ground certainly allows passengers and guests a lot of fun options, many of which offer some of the very best tastes in the valley.

The newly opened Four Peaks – not surprisingly located by Terminal 4 – is actually an offshoot of the Tempe based brewery that opened in 1996. A staple of the local craft beer and brewing community, Four Peaks serves up some of the freshest pints including their flagship ale, Kiltlifter, a Scottish red. Just about everyone will fall in love with their seasonal Pumpkin Porter.

Wildlife is huge in Arizona, particularly popular among young children. Your kids are bound to find something exciting at the Curious Creatures shop, an assortment of awesome coloring books and educational games. Older crowds can enjoy rotating museum exhibits, the latest being Birds, Blooms and Bugs.

Great food/drink and engaging learning opportunities make Sky Harbor an excellent place to visit!

2. San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco, CA

San Francisco expands on the learning and engagement activities you find throughout Sky Harbor and raises the bar to all new levels. Check out virtual tornadoes and lightning at the Kids’ Spot interactive weather zone located near Terminal 3. Kids and adults will also love the 140-gallon aquarium located within Terminal 1, featuring amazing Amazonian fish you can get up close and personal with. They can also undertake any number of self-guided tours and receive a special prize for completion.

San Francisco’s airport also has some very unique areas of interest, unique to the rich art community found in the city. Guests can browse the Aviation Museum & Library or even check out the Berman Reflection Room for a quiet place to meditate before their flight. This airport allows you to get your mind right before the big trip!

3. Portland International Airport – Portland, OR

Portland is one of the most lusciously green locations in the United States, just bordering the state of Washington. The airport itself borrows from the landscape and lines each terminal with rows of tall trees, the first native Oregon residents to greet you after touching down.

Nike calls Oregon home and as such you’ll find an amazing outlet store within the airport carrying all the latest and greatest styles and gadgets. Any outdoorsman will also find a lot to love in terms of the specialty shops within.

Finally, settle down for a cup of some of Oregon’s best export: coffee. There’s a number of specialty cafes located within the airport, serving up the perfect cups of caffeine to warm you and give you the boost you need to start your trip off right.

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