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Three Ways To Make Time Fly When On The Plane

We’re all travel addicts here, but no matter how excited we are about our destination, we always feel like the way over takes forever. The way back always goes fast. But the trip to your destination feels like forever and there’s a psychological phenomenon that explains this. We won’t get into that this time, but we’ll talk about some ways to make time go by faster when on the plane. Here are some things you can do on your phone, now that most planes are offering wi-fi connection. All our recommendations are meant to keep you off social media. 

Learn Some Words In The Language Of The Country You’re Traveling To

This is one of the best advices I like to give to travelers who are going to a foreign country. You will really impress the locals if you say please and thank you in their local language. You will get extra points if you know how to ask for water, ask the check for a meal or tell them the food was great. And you can learn all that in a couple of hours on your phone. Besides the many apps that are built on the very language you want to learn you also have global apps which can teach you any language. I always recommend Duolingo for this little travel tip, because their beginner lessons include travel scenarios which are perfectly fitted for your needs.  

Edit Your Travel Photos

Instead of rushing to post each photo on social media moments after you took them, while you’re out in the Sun and you can’t see all the details on the phone screen, you should pace yourself and edit all the photos for a nicely organized travel album. You can take the time of the flight back to edit the photos. A little light and shadow correction, some contrast and some hue effects can go a long way. There are countless apps on the web which are free and will let you play with so many elements in your photos. 

Play Some Free Online Games On Mobile

There are so many games that you can play on your phone, and the latest changes in the browser gaming technology will surely enchant you. Now you can’t play any game on the phone while flying. We don’t recommend any violent games, as there are plenty of anxious travelers on the plane which can get triggered by shooters or other violent games. Also, it’s better to keep those new porn games on JerkDolls for when you get home. If the anal porn games are not safe for work, they’re totally not safe for the plane. 

These are just three little tips that can make your trip much more interesting when flying. But remember, if you have the chance to talk to the people seated next to you, always go for real life conversations instead of spending time on your phone.

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