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Things You Must Know About Saudi Airline

If it comes to one of the most extravagant nations where you can enjoy the luxury, then Saudi Arabia takes the lead. The place is an ultimate tourist destination that lets you enjoy your vacation to the core. Saudi Arabia has become one of those countries in which tourism has grown immensely. The gigantic structures which are made highly colorful and classy make the place Saudi Arabia one of the most visited places in the world at this moment. 

If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia , then you can opt for Saudi Arabian Airlines. It is the national airlines of Saudi Arabia.  It flies not just to and from Saudi Arabia but also to over 80 cities in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. It has its main hubs in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Medina and Abha. One can easily make a booking of their flight ticket and board the Saudi Arabian Airlines to make a trip a wonderful experience. This is where Cleartrip can be helpful because it offers seamless online ticket booking in minutes.

There are multiple benefits that Saudi Airline offers to its passengers that makes it stand out in terms of quality and experience. 

  • There is professional staff in Saudi Arabian Airlines which make sure that the passengers do not face any difficulty. These are courteous people, and the whole system runs with highly professional staff. 
  • Saudi Airline provides various in-flight entertainment facilities like TV, Audio and more. You can even plan Saudia Holiday with them. The airline is also preferred by Hajj travelers due to the facilities it offers.
  • One should not send money out of their budget because the whole trip might be an expensive affair. However, Saudi Airline provides a different class of seat arrangements, as being mentioned above. 
  • Saudi Airlines has a large fleet of aircrafts that ranges from Airbus to  Boeing. It has :


Airbus A320-214- 46 Aircraft

Airbus A321- 15 Aircraft   

Airbus A330-343- 32 Aircraft


Boeing B777-368ER- 33 Aircraft   

Boeing B787- 15 Aircraft

  • There are three types of seating arrangements i.e. economy class, first-class and business class seats. There are various allowances and facilities with respect to baggage and meals, etc. according to the travel class.

Book Online Flight Tickets On This Trusted Travel Site                               

It is noteworthy that the online booking of the tickets should be done only from a trusted website because there are several websites claiming to be the best. Book your flight with Saudi Airline via Cleartrip and get complete peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Cleartrip offers multiple advantages to its consumers. Ease of booking is something that Cleartrip is known for. It has one of the easiest and user-friendly platform for booking the flight tickets. Moreover, you can also avail the benefit of getting updates on the price drop for your desired route through fare Alerts. To make booking easier, you can also make use of the Cleartrip app, which works on both Android and iOS, thus allowing you to book the tickets on the go.
  • The other most important aspect of Cleartrip is reliability. Cleartrip is a trusted name since over a decade and used by millions of travelers. Moreover, the company also promises to keep your information safe and doesn’t share it with the third party. Online payments are secure too.
  • Cleartrip also provides additional discounts and cashback offers. They even announce Flash Sales at times. So,if you are planning a trip watch out for these. You can even know about flight price drop using its Fare Alert feature.
  • Apart from cheap flights, you can do hotel booking at the rates that match your budget only at Cleartrip. The site lists thousands of properties you can trust. As per your need, you can book one. Take an informed decision after checking hotel location, tariff, pictures, amenities and reviews.

Hence, if someone wants to fly to and from Saudi Arabia and other destinations this airline flies to, he can easily use Saudi Airlines for traveling. Book your flight via Cleartrip today!

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