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Things To Do in Key West

Are you bagging up to go for a vacation? How about taking a trip to Key West Florida? It is the southernmost city in the US with marvelous tourist attractions. You will enjoy the most beautiful sunsets from the top of Mallory Square, give your taste buds an Afro-Caribbean cuisine experience from Eaton Street Seafood Market.

In need of a thrilling fishing experience? Fish All-In Key west got you covered. Stick around for more guidance. This town gives you a tropical relaxed-feel perfect for blowing your stress away; it’s a therapeutic destination that gifts you with a breather and a switch-off feel from your busy schedule.

Let’s explore the hidden gems of the city. 

Visit Mallory Square

The square will gift you with the most beautiful sunset view as it goes down over the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hard to pass it by, especially in the evenings, due to the unlimited entertainment offered by jugglers, musicians, and unique street performances.

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A fun fact about Mallory Square is that it used to be a warehouse, but now a major attraction with free entertainment. The atmosphere is always festive and jolly.

Ernest Hemingways House

The renowned author Ernest Hemingways once called Key West home. He bought a Spanish-designed colonial home in 1931, where he lived till his demise in 1940.  

It is a popular landmark you have to visit during your stay in Key West. Do not be surprised to see a few polydactyl cats (with six toes).

The interior of the house was fully restored, with original 17th and 18th-century furniture. In the compound, you’ll see a tropical garden and the famous extravagant salt pool. There is a lot of history to learn here that makes Key West Florida a vacation destination. 

Ernest wrote a few books here, namely Death in the Afternoon, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and a Farewell to Arms

Visit Harry S. Truman Little White House

It is the only presidential site in Florida and at one time it was used as a naval command center during World War II. The facility was built in 1890, but Truman loved it the first time he saw it in 1946, and during his presidency, he made it a vacation getaway and spent 175 days of his presidency in the little white house.

The furniture since the Truman days is still intact; you’ll see his desk where he used to attend urgent matters in his vacation, his classical piano is still on display. In case of any questions, the guide on site will be happy to answer them exhaustively.

Enjoy the View from Key West Lighthouse

Standing at 50 feet, make sure you climb the stairs up to the last step to enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the lighthouse. It is located near the Hemingway house. The lighthouse was built in 1825 and was 65 feet tall. Later it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1846. The second lighthouse was built in 1847 and was 50 feet tall and was further inland on relatively higher ground. 

The lighthouse was operational until 1969 when the US Coast Guard declared it obsolete. Later the ownership was transferred to the County of Monroe who later transferred to the Key West Art and Historical Society where it has been used as a Museum to this day. 

Visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy

Do you love nature and the ambiance that comes with it? Well, you need to visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy.

It’s magical to see butterflies landing on you, and it’s quite an experience. There’s more to that; you’ll get the privilege of learning about the 20 species of exotic birds, caterpillars and learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly. Did I mention they have over 50 species of butterfly? It’s worth a visit.

How about a Fishing Adventure?

Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities you can engage in Key West. Well, not everyone will give you an awesome fishing trip, and you’ll need to deal with an expert who knows the way around the ocean.

Captain Garrett Frey from Fish All-In Key West can give you a fishing trip of a lifetime. If you need to have yourself a custom private fishing charter, he is the man.

Where to Eat in Key West 

All the fun and adventure will get you hungry, and you’ll need to eat. How about stepping into an eatery serving nothing but the freshest seafood.

Eaton Street Seafood Market will get your taste buds activated. They have bragging rights from TripAdvisor, who awarded them with a certificate of excellence. This is an assurance of nothing but a fine dining experience. They have great ingredients like spiny lobster, hogfish, or key West pink shrimp. You can also order a beer or wine to end your day.

Is Key West Florida a Vacation Destination?

Well, you know the answer to the question. When you are planning for a vacation, you know where to go for the best experience. There are plenty of historical sites around and a lot of fun and entertainment. 

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