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Farming Big Island Style

Farming Big Island Style

Another week here on the farm and the work continues. It’s nice, though, being able to wake up and be right in the middle of the fields, being surrounded by the coffee plants and the tall mac nut trees that cover and shade the surf shack throughout the day. In the morning I can reach out of my window and grab a papaya or a passion fruit and eat it for breakfast. On my way back from lunch, I can snag an avocado and chop it up and put it in my food for lunch. For dinner, we usually rely on whatever we got from the store the week before, but we always find a way to add some fresh fruit from the farm.

Farming Big Island Style

Fruits of Labor

The work really isn’t that bad, either, since I can take a break, turn around, and look out to the ocean a few hundred feet downhill. It’s somewhat frightening to think that I’m here on (essentially) a rock in the middle of the ocean. That’s also the exciting part though; I’m so far away from everyone and everything I’ve ever known before being here. It’s an interesting thing to think about. Back to the work, though. It’s pretty mindless work and, because of that, I can hear what my body is telling me more and more. I can feel my muscles growing and my skin toughening.

I think the night time is my favorite part. After a long day of working in the fields, I can come back to the shack, shower, make a quick meal and drink a few beers under the clearest sky of stars I’ve ever seen. Although the ocean is far away, I can still hear it crashing against the cliffs below. The wind is warm and calm and it’s extremely refreshing after such a long day. I could definitely get used to this!


— Porter

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