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The Most Gorgeous Beach in New Zealand

It is hard to find a beach that isn’t absolutely beautiful. Most beaches around the world offer something for everyone, but this beach in New Zealand is one of the most magical and gorgeous beaches in the world.

Wharariki Beach and the Archway Islands, located on the northwestern part of New Zealand’s South Island, is covered in white sand with stunning sand dunes off in the distant in the clear blue waters.

The one of a kind beach is on the most spectacular coast in New Zealand. Wharariki Beach has been called heaven on Earth by visitors and from the looks of it, I can see why. Visitors can take in the breathtaking scenery of cliffs, sand dunes and even baby seals playing in the ocean.Other

It is just a 20-minute walk from the parking area. The walking trail is gorgeous and takes visitors through grassy hills complete with wildlife like sheep, birds and if you are lucky enough to spot, colorful peacocks. Some of the peacocks even greet people at the beginning of their journey to the beach.

It is an ideal place to have a picnic and it is also perfect for the whole family. The animals are known to be friendly and it is a great spot to catch baby seals play, sheep roam the grasslands and birds fly the blue skies. It is also the best place to catch the most magnificent sunsets. It really is like no other beach in the world.



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