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The Many Uses for Gloves

The glove has been a significant part of our lives for millennia, from roman soldiers to medieval knights, they have protected us from the perils of our work.

Ultimately and thankfully most of the working man’s glove no longer requires protection from swords and battle, but of course has embraced the modern world just as before. Protection is a necessity which transcends ages of course.

In the modern world and industrial landscape which now exists, the phrase generally heard is ‘health & safety’ and although much fun can be had with people going over board with this topic, the dangers of work are as prevalent as they were throughout history.

The difference is of course the sheer array of dangers in the modern world. We handle, through gloves – chemicals like we never did hundreds of years ago, we have developed materials to ensure work gloves actually deal with heat and equally frozen environments and maybe take these advances for granted sometimes.

After studying the modern market for hand protection, there are a few UK suppliers that take it seriously and try to stock products that really do make a difference. One that I have found have a company name that ‘does what it says on the tin’ really are experts in what we need in various hazardous environments.

The industries that require work and safety gloves are now many, but we need to ensure that our work force stay safe within the confines of a reasonable budget in this commercial world.

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