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Magic Mike

The Magic Mikes of Las Vegas

Magic Mike XXL hit theaters on July 1st and fans have been loving it. Male entertainment has been around for a while, but after the first Magic Mike was released in 2012, it has become more popular. I don’t think male entertainment will ever go out of style, especially with Magic Mike around.

The film is about a male stripper who is trying to make something more of himself and live a normal life. Him and his stripper buddies are hilarious and both films follow their adventures of male stripping. Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Adam Rodriguez star in the film. They all know how to dance, especially Tatum who used to be a male dancer before he became famous. The movie does show a pretty good idea of what it is like to be a dancer in the male dancer world.

There are some real male entertainments groups you can go see to have a good time with your girlfriends. The best spot to see these are in Las Vegas, but they do have traveling tours.


Chippendales. Courtesy of

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Chippendales is one of the most famous male review shows. They are a touring dance group, but their biggest show is in Las Vegas. They formed back in 1979 and have only gotten more popular. They have male strippers known for just basically wearing nothing but a small thong, bow tie around the neck and cuffs around the wrist. They do dance routines to songs and put on quite a show. Celebrities like Ian Ziering, Joey Lawrence and wrestler Kenny King have all been Chippendales.

Thunder from down Under

Thunder From Down Under. Courtesy of

Thunder from Down Under is pretty much the same thing as Chippendales, only the Australian version. They also go on tour, but the big show is also in Las Vegas. They formed in 1991 but have held their own against Chippendales. Over 7 million people have seen them and they continue to grow. The group is full of male dancers from Australia with that sexy Australian accent!


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