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The Les Etoiles de Mougins Food Festival

You have probably never heard of the Les Etoiles de Mougins food festival. It is the ultimate food festival for any foodie. Located in the small hilltop town of Mougins, the festival brings in 25,000 visitors (and plenty of celebrities) every year among hundreds of famous chefs.

Mougins is in the South of France and is covered in gorgeous different types of trees like pine, Cyprus and olive trees. You might have heard of this city before because it is where Picasso lived and died. But the little town isn’t just home to great art; it is also home to delicious food. Even without the festival, Mougins has a vibrant eating scene.

The 3-day festival is held every year usually in September and is a local favorite. Many people have said the Les Etoiles de Mougins food festival is to food what the Cannes festival is to movies. The festival is packed with plenty of food and activities and all while in the beautiful setting of Mougins.

Chefs love this festival just as much as the guests because they get to have fun and work with other chefs on some delicious creations. It also brings in celebrities from around the world. There is always a gala on Sunday evenings where 500 people attend. Chefs make small portions of their creations and guests get to mingle, sip on cocktails and munch on delicious food made by the best chefs in the world.

If you are looking to improve your cooking skills, the festival also offers cooking classes. There was a great dessert-making class this year that a lot of visitors were able to participate in. Guests can also check out demonstrations so they can see chefs prepare a variety of their favorite entrees.

The food is delicious, the setting is gorgeous and the company is fabulous. Thanks to the Les Etoiles de Mougins food festival, the small town in France is finally starting to get the recognition they deserve.



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