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Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

The Hidden Treasures of Istanbul

I happen to be a fan of John Malkovich. As you all know, I am also a fan of traveling! So needless to say, I was excited and surprised when I came across one of his latest works.

I have often thought about the millions of places in the world that I have wanted to visit. It is so much fun to travel to different areas of the world and experience different cultures. There are so many beautiful and historic places out there and I have a long list of places that I want to travel to!

Istanbul was never on that list. But Malkovich made me realize that it is actually a very beautiful city. It is magical and full of historical landmarks. I never thought I wanted to travel to anywhere in Turkey, but now I am reconsidering.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and I never realized how exquisite the city really is. They look like they have gorgeous sunsets and calm night skies where you can see the stars twinkle in the distance. It seems like a very peaceful city!

The weather is also beautiful! They may have high humidity, but that means it willbring refreshing thunderstorms. On top of that, the rain produces beautiful vegetation throughout the city.

I would probably have a hard time convincing my friends to go, but once they did some research, they will also see that Istanbul has a lot to offer and would be a great place to visit. Malkovich did a terrific job again!

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